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4 Tips to Showcase Your Hotel Brand on Social Media

In a day and age where modern travelers are continually searching for a fresh and exciting hotel experience, it may be difficult to decipher how you can curate an atmosphere that gives people something to talk about on social. Through our experience with the various hotels and hospitality brands, we’ve mastered and continue to work creatively with hotels to not only attain new social followers but to transition those followers into new hotel guests. Here are 4 ways to integrate your hotel to live effectively on social media to help increase revenue.

Become A Community Hub
To excel on social, you need to be social. Start engaging your local community by hosting parties, experiences, and collaborations with local shops or restaurants that align with your brand to create one-of-a-kind experiences that get people talking. Giving them a chance to capture a social media moment. If you’re a luxury hotel, try themed-cocktail parties with the famous local musicians. Or if you’re a more relaxed hotel, than try collaborating with local boutiques and host fashion show themed parties. This is the perfect way to expand your reach locally involving other businesses. Promoting these events on social platforms such as Facebooks Event pages help gain exposure and will bring more people through the doors.

Don’t Become Paralyzed By Brand Guidelines
It’s important to set standards and make sure your brand has a defined voice so that your messaging can be consistently effective. This helps your followers anticipate the type of content they are looking to see. However, don’t let it deter you from testing new and original ways of storytelling and launching creative content ideas. While it is essential to stay true to your brand that doesn’t mean your brand won’t evolve and grow. So use that emoji or say ‘bae’cation. 👍

Show Off Your Assets
Now, this is important. Focus on why your hotel guests travel to your destination. Whether it’s your amazing amenities or killer location, showcase it on social. It’s as simple as it sounds, this is a chance to create a content series that resonates with your target audience. So focus on walking tours, or conference centers, anything that your current guest love.

User-generated Content
Attaining new followers by highlighting past and current guests experiences is a failsafe way to expand your follower base. Create a content series where you’re able to showcase user-generated content, this promotes brand loyalty, encourages engagement and creates an authentic perspective of your hotel that can influence future guests. Now that Facebook has redefined it’s review/recommendations feature it’s also essential to encourage guests to review and recommend you.

While there are many ways for you to integrate your hotel brand to live on social, these are 4 tips that will help you generate followers and help ultimately get new bookings. Let’s us know how we can help you grow your brand’s social presence by contacting us today!


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